New levels of Vitamin D?

Researchers are challenging the intake of vitamin D recommended by the National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine saying their Recommended Dietary Allowance for vitamin D underestimates the need by a factor of ten!!! Really? [...]

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Creating the Magic

I am very, very privileged to be part of John Assaraf group. We talk brain work, goal setting, visualizations and obstacles. Yesterday he posted this list which I am sharing with you along with my [...]

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Weekend Beauty Menu

We all want to look stunning every moment of of lives, but did you know that in order for this desire to come true, we must actually do a little work. Worry not though, it [...]

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Beauty is not a luxury… is our birth right to know that we already are beautiful as we are, now, today! If you don't feel that, let me teach you how to get out of the self sabotage, create [...]

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