In the wave of recent Fukushima leak I wanted to share my experience of Chernobyl explosion and the consequences of covering it all-up by the Soviet government in the name of their own good. 

You know the saying; History likes to repeat itself…. 

Well it does, because we fail to learn our lessons, we fail to work together for our greater good. We isolate ourselves from one another as if we weren’t one, instead of working together to help each other to make it the best life for all of us.  

The Fukushima leak has been skillfully covered-up by the media….just like Chernobyl was… 

I was only nineteen years old, living in Warsaw, Poland. It was early May 1986. An unusually hot day. I was preparing myself for the college entry exams. Wanting to relax a bit I took Ernest Hemingway novel and my dog, and we went to a nearby park. I only lasted there for about 30 minutes. The sun seemed strange and burning hot. 

The minute I walked home, my mom called me from work asking to stay inside and close all the windows. She couldn’t say why, only that there were rumors of some black clouds with ashes, some speculations coming from the forbidden Radio Free Europe. Our news agencies were run by Soviets, Radio Free Europe was a source of real news to us. But still, nobody knew what was going on because of the cover-up. I believe it was Finland who first spotted something on their radars demanding an explanation. But it wasn’t immediate. Some time passed by before we all learned about the explosion of what is now Ukraine’s nuclear reactor. 

Warsaw seems far enough from Ukraine, just like California is from Fukushima, right…? 

The days following the news were filled with panic. We were told that the only thing that can somehow protect us from nuclear radiation is Lugol’s solution, a mixture of iodine and potassium iodide.


The search begun and the solution quickly disappeared from the pharmacies. We managed to each get a teaspoon of it. Next came the rain, the acid rain. People were frantically filling out the bathtubs, pots and buckets with water as they knew the soil would soon get contaminated. 

We used water carefully, not knowing how long would it last. We stopped eating vegetables and drink milk from grass fed cows (all that we had back then…). We avoided prolonged stays outdoors. And we were still far from the reactor…. 

In August that year I came to America. I was surprised to see houses with bunkers in the small town like Kalamazoo, MI. The threat of Soviet invasion was quite vivid, but Chernobyl was far, far away… 

This leads me to the boiling Pacific Ocean. I am worried, I am concerned. I have a son who lives in San Francisco, he is not far enough but life goes on as it did for us, in Poland, unaware of the danger.

 Scientists are scrambling to come up with a way to neutralize Fukushima Radiation.  

Why aren’t people told not to eat fish? 

Why aren’t they told to stock-up on some potassium iodide to block the radiation? 

Weeks ago, the Pacific Ocean around Fukushima started boiling. It is now impossible to take photographs of it, due to heavy vapor….. 

After the Fukushima explosion in 2011, the price of potassium iodide with iodine went up from $4 to $35 per bottle and was hardly available here in the suburbs of Chicago (far away from the disaster place). Should you stock-up? It is up to you, I just want to create awareness and discussion. Some people shouldn’t be taking iodine, most are depleted and would greatly benefit from it.

 Here is dr. Mercola article on how to protect yourself against radiation. In further articles dr. Mercola also recommends Vitamin D3.

 Stay safe and informed being aware of how politics affects our wellbeing. Be curious and go beyond face value of information that is fed to you. 

Rethink fish.

Optimize your health! If your health is weak already, how can it withstand further environmental pollutants, household and cosmetic toxins, GMO’s, pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, radiations? 

Thyroid problems became very common after the Chernobyl disaster, especially in areas closer to the Soviet border. In Germany, the rates of children born with Down Syndrome went-up significantly, as well as chromosomal aberrations, neural tubes defects etc. in countries far away from the nuclear plant. 

Enjoy life, don’t live in fear, but live in full awareness. 

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