Summer Detox

As Summer comes to the end, we too are wrapping-up our Summer Detoxes. It has been a pleasure serving you and teaching you how easy it is to embrace a simple lifestyle, creating nourishing and cleansing meals, discovering any hidden issues, like food sensitivities,  strong sugar cravings (good-bye Candida!) or  hormonal imbalances you wouldn’t otherwise pay attention to (that’s when you e-mail me frantically complaining that you haven’t lost a pound…)

My detoxes are often a beginning of a deeper change, not just a preparation to face a new season. As I got more and more familiar with your experiences, I decided to tweak the way I run the detoxes, by offering you a personalized 1:1, 30 minute consultation, instead of a group one, so I can make proper recommendation that are specific to your needs. You still have access to my forum, which means access to me, but that one conversation with nobody else listening or reading allows you to be fully honest with yourself and allows me to ask questions specific to you!  

Summer detox is not a fasting detox, is not hard and does not require you to check-out of life!  

Here are three detox myths and the truth about them:


#1 Intermittent fasting is good for you….

If you are highly stressed and have adrenal issues, which is the result of being stressed out, please don’t fast! Your adrenals can’t handle it, and it makes your body more stressed, which makes cortisol climb, and then you may find yourself NOT losing weight on top of adding more stress.  

Reducing calorie intake dramatically, especially for women, can create hormonal imbalances greater then you might be experiencing already without even knowing it…

Men do better with intermittent fasting than women, because stress favors men.


 #2 You need to check-out from life….

There’s a common misconception that in order to detox, you have to travel to India, or go to some fancy center where all you do is drink wheatgrass and meditate for 12 hours per day. 

I’m a working mother. I can’t “check out” of my life for days or weeks on end. And I’m guessing that’s not realistic for you either. 

Instead, focus on health amplifiers. You make hundreds of little decisions each day that determine the major part of your health and wellness. If you can make even 5% more good choices each day – it will add up to big shifts over time. 

Detoxing does not have to be all or nothing. Slow and steady gets the job done too.


#3 You get very sick… 

Depending on how toxic your body is, you may experience some minor side-effects while detoxing. But I’m surprised at how many people seem to think that pain is some sort of indicator that you’re detoxing effectively.  

This is simply not true unless you are doing some dramatic moves! Many programs can cause more harm than good, by forcing your body into “starvation mode” (which slows your metabolism), spiking your blood sugar, or making you too tired and groggy to go to work.


Heal ‘N Glow’s gradual, gentle way to cleanse is still potent and powerful. You may not even realize how toxic you were until you start to feel better, sleep better, and notice that your jeans are loose.


When your body gets TOXIC – from unhealthy, processed foods, excess alcohol, environmental toxins, or even lifestyle factors like stress and lack of sleep – it can throw your hormones into total chaos.


And hormones (as you probably know) play a critical role in managing your moods, energy sex drive, and weight – at every age.


When they are in balance, you feel sexy, vibrant and energized.


But when they’re out of whack, it can cause you to feel fat, frumpy, worn out and uninspired . . .


Don’t miss out!

 Detox starts on Wednesdays and you need to complete registration by Tuesday the latest. Remember, you have some reading and prepping to do.