During this summer we have been asked over and over again to help women lose weight. And while it seemed that it was their most burning issue, Anna and I knew there was much more to it than just eating more than we should.

Overeating is rarely caused by the food. Even when you have been exposed to a constant smorgasbord, those of you who have been on a cruise or all-inclusive vacations know that after a few times you just pick your favorites and stop stuffing yourself because you know that the food will be there at any point in time and after the initial craze you develop a smorgasbord routine.

My coaching partner Anna (MA Psychology) and I know what emotional imbalances are behind overeating, but we wanted to check what you know about the behind the scenes process and decided to ask a few of you, 60 women to be exact.

Here are some of the answers we received:

Not eating the right foods the right times of day
Skipping meals
Suppressed creativity
Feeling of inadequacy
Wanting more excitement
Feeling overwhelmed and not feeling like I am able to share that because I am scared to be that vulnerable and open!
Random loneliness
Lack of love and human touch
Sugar addiction
Feeling empty…eating becomes like fulfilling an empty space
Not getting enough rest
Too many starchy carbohydrates in one sitting
Dehydration at night
Using food as reward
Avoiding food being wasted and thrown away
Being angry at the husband all the time
Being criticized
Eating with my teenage son who is an athlete
Numbing out to something and not “honing” in to the “why”
Job dissatisfaction
Being overly tired

The results of this random survey were just what we have predicted, but it is still surprising after all those years that people know their problems and their causes, yet most of them are unable to do anything about it.

We realized though that through our 2:1 coaching method we show our clients how to tap into those emotions, recognize them and take recommended actions allowing them to LIVE BY CONSCIOUS DESIGN AND NOT BY DEFAULT, hence being in control of their bodies, their food intake, their food preparation, choices and display, leading to flatter bellies, improved weight and healthy cravings.

We help people tackle the issue of not feeling worthy or angry.

We help understand and improve the way our clients perceive the relationship issues and lately have coached several women and even couples utilizing Anna’s skills of a psychologist along with our own life experiences.

We help with all the physical issues like PMS, sugar cravings, inability to relax, bloat and adrenal stress.

We help create a better, healthier, fancier, more welcoming environment.

We help create a space for YOU and when we can’t we know just where to send you, as we do work with medical professionals in some situations, especially when it comes to endometriosis or cancer. We don’t take chances, but we also don’t throw you under the bus without trusting that you are in capable hands.

If you see yourself in here and say, oh that’s me, do come forward, we will help you through our newest STAGED WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM custom designed for YOU and YOUR emotions and physical symptoms for long lasting results and lifelong awareness.

We coupled our wast holistic experience with up to date scientific studies to help you create a beautiful YOU you crave so much.

Wishing you health, wealth and beauty! Don’t let another day pass by living an unfulfilled life. Take action now, as NOW is all that there is.

Women Wisdom & Beauty Expert
Your Family Health Coach Throughout all Your Life Stages