I got a good laugh the other day when one of my colleagues, a well known, reputable health coach said that when her armpits stink, it means it’s time to clean the liver. She and many other health conscious people don’t use the conventional deodorants deeming them harmful to the body, instead they take a closer look at their liver…

What did she mean by liver and sweat connection?

Any time your breath isn’t normal fresh, or your body odor is stinky, it means that the liver isn’t processing all the toxins well and they try to escape through other channels. Sweat glands are perfect for it, but when the pipes are clogged there is a lot of stinkiness going on inside the body, especially when things sit waiting their turn to be processed or kicked out of.

And some lines are very, very long, years long…

When the liver is clogged things take longer than usual and whatever gets stuck in the system become a breeding ground for bacteria and pathogens.

Am I using a deodorant?

Ha, I knew you’d want to know. Honestly, no, only during summer and it has to be propylene glycol and aluminum free, like Toms of Main. I eat clean, watch after my liver and feel fine without it for most season, using Heal ‘N Glow body powder formulas with clay to absorb any excess moisture.

See, there is a lot of swollen gland issues. The toxins cannot get processed by the liver, which works overtime all the time nova days for most people an that creates glandular problems.

It can be painful, it can lead to the “c” word, it can be scary. But most of all it can be avoided by using the right self-care techniques.

Moderate sweating is good, excessive sweating and stinky sweating means something isn’t right. Don’t use the deodorant as a patch, go into the root cause.

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Before you cleanse the liver, you do need to run a general cleanse. When there is a lot going on in the body, you really don’t want to dump it all out at the same time into the bloodstream. You need to prep the body by gradually releasing stored toxins and engaging in appropriate lymph preparation before you clean the liver for the first time.

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