Are you prepping for Super Bowl? I never watch sports, never remember if Super Bowl is about football or baseball but I understand that everyone gathers, eats, laughs, screams and roars with joy around their TV sets.

That every year you expect a Super Bowl recipe in your inbox to impress your guests and I am sure you already got not one but at least ten, so I won’t bother.

Instead, I want to give you the simplest recipe for a beautiful Super Bowl look, straight from the Heal ‘N Glow Beauty Forum soon celebrating its second year.

I want you to impress with the silkiness and juiciness of your skin. I want YOU to be admired, not the dish!



Cut the avocado in half, scoop out most of it, leaving a tablespoon on the bottom. Make guacamole while you have your mask on. Don’t rush.

To the shell add a tablespoon of raw honey and a few drops of fresh tomato juice. Mix well and spread over washed face and neck. Keep on for 10 minutes while you prep guac and salsa.

Rinse, finish off with cold water, pat dry. Go from frazzled to glamorous in no time!

How about that?

Wishing you health, wealth and beauty!

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