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Couple of weeks ago I dropped my 9 year old son off at his friend’s to play. The mother apologized for not calling me sooner explaining that her son spend the weekend at the emergency room. I asked what happened? She said: severe constipation, they had to call the ambulance!

I went silent. I honestly had to take a moment to comprehend what was happening. My son played with her son only a few times. The first time the parents served Popeye’s chicken for dinner, biscuits and Wonder “bread”. I didn’t say anything to my kid other than to indicate that the next time I would pick him up sooner.

“The boy doesn’t eat any vegetables, not even the fruits, nothing!” the mom continued. “All he does is to sit and play his game, we force him out to play soccer and to run, otherwise he would never move!”

My children listened as the mom went on and on. Later on I explained to them that the fiber in vegetables makes the poop move out of the body and if there is no fiber, it creates bugs, pain and poisoning of the body. That the movement is necessary for our existence and so is breathing, water and sunshine.

Few weeks went by and we had parent teacher conferences. When my son’s teacher found out I was a health coach, she opened up about the growing number of children being taken to hospital in ambulances for constipation. She said she does not allow the kids to eat unhealthy snacks at school and that the parents needed to be educated. She also said she tries to sneak in as much information about healthy living as she can, but it’s not always welcomed by adults.

Not welcomed?!

The teacher also mentioned a growing number of children not being present in the classroom and having more and more behavioral issues, which was confirmed by a client of mine, a teacher in a regular Wisconsin school where emotionally disturbing behavior is a daily struggle for her. During our most recent coaching session, we were discussing a fifth grader’s suicidal thoughts (reported to the parents and school). A fifth grader?!

As a health coach, I had to do something. Few years back, my health coach friend, BB Beba, and founder of Nutritious Mom and I co wrote a book together called Super Kids. That book contains all that we know about recognizing food sensitivities, raising healthier children, adapting the recipes, turning picky eaters into normal ones, dealing with colds and ear infections.

We drew or knowledge from our own experience and from our great IIN teacher, like Dr. John Douillard of Life Spa and Dr. Katz of Yale to mention just a few.

Today I would like you to have Super Kids for $5 only. Grab it for yourself or give it to your daughter or son, your friends, anyone with children. If your school would be interested, I am more than willing to give them the special link so they can spread the word around. I am willing to do whatever so that the parents understand the role food plays in a child’s life.

Please help me out, help our children out. We cannot save the world but we can save those around us!
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