A baby manifesto

For many of you getting pregnant is the priority of your life, a dream you hold on to dearly.You speak of it loudly during pain and fatigue in our EndoPositive forums and during consultations.

I get it, I understand and I want it for you BUT get better first!!!

Getting WELL should be your PRIORITY!

When the body is in the state of the emergency, you need to take care of it. It’s a matter of life, your life, but because many of you have lived in that state of emergency for years or decades it became a second nature to you and now you tend to coexist with it going on about living life, trying to ignore the reality as much as you can.

You stop believing that healing is possible and that healing is possible for you.

I want to say it with the utmost compassion to all of you – heal the gut, get off gluten completely, get of dairy completely, get off sugar completely, reduce the amount of meat and aim for higher quality, reevaluate your cosmetics, your toxic relationships, your ghost memories of the past. Detoxify your bodies, purge the environmental toxins, purge the Candida, parasites, microbes, repopulate the friendly bacteria, seal the leaky guts with L-glutamine, flaxseed tea, collagen, bone broth, start the healing process, add high quality vitamins and minerals, especially B12, zinc, magnesium, some of you iron (those with anemia and only with your doctor’s recommendation), give it a year and then let’s talk babies.

Your immunity becomes your child’s immunity! Wait till you get stronger!

I was a weak child. My parents were a World War II generation. My dad developed MS at 39, my mom had digestive issues, gallbladder removed, chronic constipation, liver problems

I had a multitude of ear infections (dairy intolerance), pneumonias and strep throats. I was on endless rounds of antibiotics. My periods were PAINFUL, so painful I was screaming from pain unable to walk and move. My breasts were hard and swollen a sign of poor lymphatic drainage.

I had my two first sons at 25 and 29.

I divorced at 33 and an endless round of antibiotics begun again. I was stressed out which manifested itself again in ear infections, pneumonias, bronchitis, strep throat, frequent Candida infections and painful UTIs.

I went back to Poland and received homeopathic treatment that saved my life.

I remarried and got pregnant.

I had a miscarriage which hurt me deeply.

I started reading Dr. Mercola and alternative books, like the Natural Cures they don’t want you to know about. That was revolutionary!

I had a boy and a girl at the age of 38 and 39.


After experiencing one more very stressful event my body collapsed. By then I knew homeopathy, dietary and lifestyle changes were my only option.

I joined IIN at 44 and started putting the dots together.

At 46 I became a Certified Gluten Practitioner and I finally understood the role of the gut in the healing process from ANY dis-ease.

I went from being physically exhausted for 20 years to thriving again. I removed gluten, dairy, negative thoughts (that took years) and reduced and sometimes eliminated the amount of meat (I was never a big meat eater).

I barely ate processed foods, but I was eating healthy foods that weren’t serving me.

I detoxify my body on regular basis using Advanced Naturals detoxes (available through Heal ‘N Glow estore)

I take probiotics, fiber and high quality Xymogen supplements (account available after brief consulation only)

I meditate and breathe consciously.

I have yet to work out on a consistent basis to rebuild my muscles that suffered from gluten intollerance.

My first two children were sick all the time. My first son has dairy intolerance, something we understood in his early twenties. My second son has severe gluten and dairy intolerance which almost cost him his life.

I was a weak mother and didn’t even know about it. I made-up for it by helping my sons get strong as soon as I understood the connection between my immunity and their immunity.

I want you to have children, I cannot imagine life without them. But I want you to be healthy women first!!!

Wishing you health, wealth and beauty!


Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Certified Gluten Practitioner, Women Wisdom and Beauty Expert, Author, Board Member of EndoPositive and most of all
Your Family Health Coach Throughout all Your Life Stages