Xymogen fit

Are you in need of pharmaceutical grade nutritional boost?
I offer Xymogen products to my clients not available in stores, only through practitioners. If you know what you are looking for or would like to try out their smoothies or supplements, let me know and after a brief free talk I can give you access.

I get a lot of emails regarding skin conditions and the not so good feeling. Healthy skin begins with healthy gut, there is no way around it. Healthy gut impacts your brain, your “second” gut, where that not so good feeling might find expression..

The concept is really simple, but it takes time to figure out not only what suppresses the gut function, but to got through the healing protocols.

Summertime is time to eat in a lighter yet nutrient dense way for health, beauty and longevity. It is not really the time for barbecues (we got it all backwards), but it’s hard not to, so make sure you eat clean, with plenty of raw foods daily as not to create mucosa overgrowth and additional intestinal heat, which will appear as congestion and colds in the Fall.

Get into a habit of drinking smoothies daily. Make them simple or fancy by adding additional fruits and greens suitable for you. Healthy plant based protein source is necessary healthy brain as proteins are building blocks of amino acids and if these are low, you compromise your health and the way you “feel”.

Wishing you health, wealth and beauty!


Women Wisdom and Beauty Expert