Dr. Furhman and I

Well, Dr. Fuhrman shapes it on a big scale, I do what I can to convey the messages of my great teachers to you, wherever you might be. I was lucky to have him as a teacher at IIN, among Dr. Chopra (did you know he’s a medical doctor who resigned his MD title at some point as a form of a protest against what the medical world wanted him to say, only to have them ask him to take it back!), dr. Douillard, Dr. Hyman, Dr. Sears, Dr. Weil and many, many other famous both doctors, spiritual leaders and passionate people who shaped their worlds in one way or another. I will try to share as much as I can with you, so you can see that I don’t stand alone in trying to make you healthy.

I had a pleasure of spending the day with Dr. Fuhrman at his health immersion retreat in Chicago. Here are some bullet points from that immersion. I hope you get inspired to make changes in your life. And remember, don’t get stuck, I got your back whenever you need help accomplishing your health goals.

Dr. Fuhrman promotes a Nutritarian lifestyle, based on micronutrient choices.
Micronutriens are your vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals (the kind you can only find in plants) vs macronutrients, which are your fats, carbs and protein.

When the majority of your food is plant based, you avoid premature aging (I am talking on a cellular lever, not just the surface…), heal inflammation, reduce unnecessary calorie intake (try eating a bag of broccoli), reduce IgF1, Insuline Growth Factor responsible for aging, dementia, diabetes and cancer.

US has the worst healthy life expectancy in the world, yet spend ten times as much on medical care than any other country. We think the pills are the solution and illness is normal. NOT TRUE!

Cancer rates skyrocketed after 1040’s after the artificial fortification of foods with vitamin C, folic acid, etc. Why not have an orange with fiber, vit. C and vit. C2 necessary for vit. C assimilation. Why fall for a damaged source?

When you eat more of the bad foods, like lots of simple carbs, animal based proteins, sugar, you produce more toxin build-up. And yes, they reach a point where they can’t build-up anymore and explode!

Here is the list of the common modern diseases easily eliminated by lifestyle changes and micronutrient based diet (lots of plants, not all but lots!):

• blood vessel and heart disease,
• autoimmune illnesses
• stone formation
• tumors and cancers
• psychological and emotional disorders
• premature aging, dementia, sarcopenia and osteoporosis.

Had enough? Ready for change? Here is some more on SAD – Standard American Diet, which really is mostly, about 62% made out of processed foods – oils, sweets, refined grains (yes, I am talking canola, corn, vegetable rancid oils, your breakfast muffins and bagels and the healthy “whole grain” cereals). Oil provides the major caloric intake!

It’s also made out of at about 25.5% of meat, eggs, dairy – sound like the lobbyists that designed USDA Food Pyramid…, 10% unrefined plant food, fruits, veggies, beens nuts, seeds and 2.5% whole grains (now you should be thinking steel cut oats, quiona, brown rice.. but it isn’t)

100 years ago less than 3% of Americans died of heart attacks. Now 40%! Heart attacks and cancer skyrocketed in 13 most industrialized countries as they stay away from their original diets and moderate living.

So what should you eat? As a Nutritarian here is what your day should be filled with:
1 LB of raw veggies per day, especially Green, cruciferous vegetables – kale, broccoli, collards, brussel sprouts, water crest, bok choy, cabbage, mustard greens, arugula, kolhrabi.
1 LB of cooked veggies per day
1 cup of beans a day!
Salad as a main dish every day
Raw Nuts and seeds – 1-2 oz every day. You can lightly toast them at 200 degrees for 8 minutes, NOT roast them! Nut calories are NOT biologically available, they promote oxidation of fat and storage for future energy use.
1 LB of fruit per day, 3-4 kinds, concentrating on the berries and less sweet ones.
Some whole grains, some animal protein (not every day), some good quality tofu

Will this information have an impact on your life? One small change that leads to another creating a ripple effect? Want to rebuild your taste buds, reduce inflammation and spend 1% of your life transitioning out of here, vs 10% according to our recent stats? Be that change, don’t wait! Take care of your children. As dr. Fuhrman says, most cancer occurs because of what you ate in the first 10 years of your life. Help the kids and help yourself by reversing the disease. It’s durable!