Lately it seems I’ve had more clients and more conversations around cancer that ever before and I thought to share some of my wisdoms and observations with you.

The whole healthy living movement originated because people all over the world, started feeling bad and at a pretty young age too.

Growing up in Poland, where cancer did exist and claimed half of my family members, being diagnosed with cancer equaled to death sentence. It was a matter of time and it was something we weren’t allowed to talk about.

But I do want to talk about it!

I want to tell you that no matter whom I speak to, the reason they are sick is emotional!! That the physical is only a manifestation of all those deeply stored molecules of emotions that eat us alive, those past traumas, abuse, fear, unforgiving thoughts, resentment!

And ough, this one is the worse, our beliefs, our thoughts!!! You know why the worse? Because we can change them if they don’t serve us, but instead we embrace them as written in stone…

According to TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine, cancer represents a stagnancy of some sorts – stagnant blood, stagnant mucus, stagnant resentment.

You see the pattern?


What becomes very clear to me is, it is often so well hidden that we can’t even see it. We say, oh no, not me, I am so happy, nothing bothers me, I am not stuck, I let go long time ago…

And, I got another one for you, the foods that we eat and how we eat them, how we store them, how we wash them, how we chew them, they play such huge role and that too is in our hand, that too can be changed, yet it is secondary to those emotions and beliefs.

While everyone has a valid theory about why cancer strikes, from fermenting sugar, to yeast to parasites, to excessive sodium and loss of potassium as claimed by Gerson, I say we got to get more conscious about who we are, our experiences, our thoughts, our feelings, work on positive affirmations, fun, good food and living today, being grateful for the past, no matter what, because it got us here, today, to this moment, where you are reading my writings, which you wouldn’t trade for anything (unless you are so unhappy, you don’t want to live) and trusting that if you control today, then all that will happen will be well.

I hope I got you thinking, thinking NOT about how to avoid cancer, but how to start living consciously, choosing the thoughts that serve you, eating the right foods for your body, creating a method, doing things in a certain way.

Did I say it was easy?

The food part is, especially if you allow me to be your guide.

The thought part? Well, this one takes time and daily practice, but it’s doable!

I can guide you through both, simply reach out to me and let’s see how I can help you live a happier and healthier life through clean food, positive thoughts and elevating feelings!

Wishing you health, wealth and beauty!

Your Family Health Coach Throughout all Your Life Stages