How well can you digest your food?

The breaks between the meals are so that your body could concentrate on healing and digesting. It is really good at it. It allows you to digest the meals fully, instead of sitting in the stomach undigested because right after a steak, you decided to eat a chocolate cake which requires completely different set of enzymes, and then an hour later you felt like grabbing a piece of healthy fruit.

The minute you put something in your mouth that minute you start producing appropriate enzymes to break that particular food down forgetting all about the previous food for a moment. So instead of working on the steak, the body will concentrate on the cake.

But wait the minute, the steak is in the way! So it will go back to the steak leaving the cake. But wait again! The steak is hard to digest and requires strong acid, bile and pancreatic enzymes. It might take a while, even up to 3 days, depending on your digestive abilities and your chewing. So the cake will sit on top of the steak waiting for it’s turn to be digested, fermenting instead of being broken down enzymatically.

Do you get the picture? Cake is fast to digest, hard to digest proteins take time. Eat your desert couple of hour later and remember, the better you chew, the faster you will be able to break down that meal.

Eat fast exit foods first! 

During my Raw Food Apprenticeship the first thing I was taught to eat the dessert first. Tell it to your kids, they will love you for it…

With that said, there is so much to proper digestion people don’t know about and I teach you all about it in my 1:1 coaching. I get to the bottom of why you have a heartburn, why you are constipated or why is your lymph congested creating an unhealthy environment. My coaching sessions are digestion specific, as unhealthy gut is the root cause of most diseases and ailments, inflaming the body, killing all the good bugs and your ability to heal, affecting all the other systems!

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