Restoring digestive health takes time and a lot of commitment, lifestyle and dietary modification, right supplements, right testing and right mindset. The way I start with my clients is by cleaning the digestive track off all the impurities, including teaching them how to do their own enemas, suggesting proper supplementation that restores the friendly gut flora, repairs the intestinal villis and slowly seals the leaky gut, by removing the foods that don’t serve them and adding the foods that nourish them on cellular level. We start with a detox so that we can allow the body to focus on healing.

In Chinese medicine, the summer season focuses on the fire element. Fire encourages energy, vitality and growth. This season we will nourish and detox the heart and the small intestines. Healthy small intestine is vital in the it digests and absorbs your food. Then it sends those nutrients into your bloodstream, where they are carried to the liver and transformed into energy.

If your digestion is sluggish or your intestinal lining is damaged, then you are not absorbing your nutrients, which means you are lacking the ENERGY you need and deserve. Your body has the ability to run like a well-tuned race car! You are a machine. A better understanding of the basic systems that are running your machine is the most successful means to ditch the weight and/or lose the toxicity. My goal is to enable you to be an expert on what works for your particular body and what it needs to function at a top level.