Ah, the sweet world of parasites..

Parasites love sugar and the leaky gut. It is estimated that about 50 percent of Americans have an abundance of parasitic organisms in their gut. Parasites enter the human body through the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink.

According to United Nations data:  “Overall, about 1.5 billion people have roundworms, making it the third most common human infection in the world. Whipworm infects 1 billion people… More than 1.3 billion people carry hookworm in their gut, and 265 million people are infected with schistosomes.”

Dr. Jockers recommends foods that act as very strong anti-parasitic agents. Extra virgin coconut oil is loaded with medium chain triglycerides that enhance the immune system in its battle against pathogens.
Raw garlic and onions provide sulfur containing amino acids that are anti-parasitic. Eat six tablespoons of raw, extra virgin coconut oil, one whole clove of garlic and one large red onion daily to help parasite proof your body.

You also use cleansing herbs like ParaMax, which is a blend of herbs and natural compounds that help maintain a healthy balance of intestinal flora.

The herbs and other natural compounds in ParaMax provide natural support to assist with the detoxification of parasites in the intestines. Added herbal ingredients also help soothe and nourish the intestinal tract.

According to dr. Jockers, after the cleansing period, it is especially important to utilize high quality, fermented vegetables like kimchi, sauerkraut, and fermented veggies These foods are rich sources of L-glutamine, an amino acid that helps rebuild the gut. These fermented foods also contain very powerful strains of good bacteria, organic acids and enzymes that act to keep parasites out of the body. It is the most crucial amino acid given to people with gluten sensitivity at daily dose of 5000 mg.

Leaky gut associated with gluten sensitivity is a breathing ground for parasites and Candida. if you choose to have a stool test for parasites, make sure it is the three day test and that on the third day you create what is called a purged diarrhea. Parasites live in the pockets of the intestines and I was taught by Dr. O’Bryan, that is the only way for them to come out and be seen in the lab. I bet you didn’t know that. Well, neither did I. You can ask a pharmacist to give you something to induce diarrhea.

Eating right, low sugar, clean and alkaline diet is a must when it comes to any herbal cleansing. For support and to find out which one of my programs would be most suitable for you to start feeling better, please email me at [email protected]

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PS. Winter Detox is over, thank you to all who participate (record number!) and are making the effort to take charge of their health! Spring is just around the corner, hope you will join us to recharge after the longest winter ever!