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Women’s Wisdom & Beauty Expert

For the last half a decade, Joanna Puciata has been expertly guiding and coaching women to look and feel healthy, beautiful and confident in taking charge of their health by getting rid of the bloat, fatigue, sugar addictions and self sabotage that they had previously lived with. Her clients call her their “Wisdom and Beauty Expert” because she helps thrive in their everyday lives with feeling healthier, more glamorous and feminine!
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So much love, kindness, smile, willingness to help, to distance yourself… in one person! Every change has a beginning. Your: “nice to meet you Monika” was it!
I heard recently – “Change gently the flight direction of another human without undercutting his wings” Joanna you are doing doing it!!! How wonderful to watch it every day. How wonderful to know I have you!
With great humility and gratitude in my heart thanks you.

Monika Gosciminska

Working with Joanna and Anna has been an amazing experience. They are very different, but complete as a team.
In my case, I’ve worked in the corporate business, as an employee, for more than 20 years and hired them to help me launch my own business as a health coach.
They helped me see that I was creating my boundaries and every single thing that happens in my life is my TOTAL responsibility. At first, it can sound overwhelming, but in the end, it is freeing.
As an entrepreneur, I am learning that success comes from the courage to get in touch with my fears and trespass them.
As coaches, they are always there to guide me, to alert me and to push me, when needed. They are cleaning my vision and making me feel secure.
My business is already a success!

Thank you, ladies! You are the best.

Patricia Oliveira Ferraz

Being a college student, you don’t really hear people talking about health coaches or anything like that. It’s definitely not the norm but I am really grateful that I have the two amazing health coaches.

I feel like I’m learning things from them that most college students don’t really know. Based on the people that I have met, a lot of them don’t know how to take care of themselves. I’m learning life skills from them that can help me all my life.

It’s a little awkward being with a group of people, going out to eat and being one of the only people that isn’t getting something deep fried or unhealthy. I’ve learned to deal with it and ignore the criticism that I sometimes get since I’m bettering myself.

Emily, NY


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