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 5 Simple Steps for Looking and Feeling Fabulous

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“Cleansing and detoxification programs may be returning to popularity today, but they are not new to humans. Every ancient system and religion had ways of attending to the body’s detoxification systems and making sure the lines of defense in the body were working properly. – and this was centuries before industrial chemicals and GMO’s filled the air.

Humans had always instinctually known that a period of resting and recharging the body will shed the accumulated toxins and waste materials that tend to build-up in all of us simply from living. it is also a way to boost healing when systems are taxed and are beginning to show signs of stress.

Every creature in nature does this periodically, alternating cycles of growth and activity with cycles of rest, such as hibernation. This keeps things in balance. Animals stop consuming food when they get sick. They rest the digestive system, so that energy can be diverted toward defense and healing” – dr. Alejandro Junger, Clean

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