Summer Detox

It’s Detox time again at Heal ‘N Glow. Time to get rid of some Summer heat, shut down the grills and go vegan for 11 days. 

Welcome to:

“A Sensational YOU- The Summer Detox”

Detox to a new you. A refreshed you.

A vibrant you. A satisfied you.


Welcome to your Fresh Start.


Imagine losing unwanted weight, feeling lighter, brighter and glowing

From the inside out. 

Detox does not ever mean you are deprived.

Detox does not mean you have to fast.

Detox does not mean you have to only live on smoothie soups & Green Juice.

Detox actually means you will…

  • Glow in ways you cannot even imagine
  • Rev up your metabolism
  • Uncover hidden food allergies that may be keeping you feeling tired & run down
  • Balance your hormones
  • Lose weight effortlessly
  • Improve digestion & regulate your bowels


And that means you will NEVER AGAIN dwell on calories because you will finally have the blueprint for your health. You will know what foods are right for your unique body in my proven 3 step method to detoxing in a safe and natural way with whole foods. No gimmicks. Just quick results.

Join me for this adventure and say goodbye to the toxins,

Excess weight & inflammation & say hello to simple weight loss,

Simple detoxification & a fabulous you. 


  • Start any Wednesday you want,  September 4th being the last Summer Detox date before the Fall.
  • Get instant access to my recording on the importance of detoxing.
  • Get a 30 minute private consultation with me to help you move forward with ease – included in your Summer program.
  •  Easy, new mouth-watering Recipes to make Your Detox Delish 

Your Transformation includes the following materials:

  •  11 Smoothies
  • 10 Recipes for Juicing
  • 6 Raw Delicious Dips
  • 5 Dressings
  • 12 Meals in the Raw
  • 5 Meals Cooked
  • 4 Raw Soups
  • 6 Warm Soups
  • 8 Bonus Recipes for your Transition Phase
  • 10 Snacks & Bites
  • 8 Desserts
  • 4 Bonus Dessert Recipes for your Transition Phase
  • 30 minute private Detox Coaching Call to make it an individualized experience and help you move forward with ease
  • The Summer Detox Food Diary & Shopping List
  • Summer Detox & Ditch the Diet Handouts
  • 17 Days of Online Support Emails from your Favorite Health Coach making your Detox Experience as easy as 1-2-3
  • Access to 30 minute recording about the importance of seasonal detoxes
  • Access to member only “Ask Joanna” Forum, where you can find answers and post any detox related questions for an additional daily support


Sending you Summer hugs,
Certified Holistic Health Coach,
Certified Gluten Practitioner
Board Certified Drugless Practitioner