Back on Track in 12 Days – Easy Start-up Program


Best healthy living introductory level program.
Super easy and super delicious clean eats program designed for those who live fast lives and need to get back on track from time to time. This program can be reused over and over, whenever the body and mind need a gentle break. No overwhelm! Includes basic healthy living education applicable to adults and young adults alike.


Filled with my personal clean, easy, colorful and delicious recipes designed for a mindful break. I help you plan out your 12 day menu, leaving plenty of room for improvisation. In order to keep it really simple, the program consists of smoothies, juices, soups and salads. Clean and easy, right?

I know you are just like me. You work or you have kids, you are constantly running out of breath, burning out those adrenals, increasing your cortisol levels, producing stress hormones and forgetting to nourish yourself. But  I want you to take a deep breath and remember that the main purpose of life is JOY. As Deepak Chopra tought me at IIN, if you are constantly running out of time, you will. And then what?

So relax, go back to the kitchen with ease. Print out the Back on Track Program or read off your computer, sit down with a cup of tea, put your feet up, read it, understand where I am coming from and then check mark the foods you plan on indulging yourself in for the next 12 days. You will also read about:

  • Motivational techniques & visualizations
  • How to shop healthy & confidently avoiding the bad stuff
  • What to journal about
  • Tips for storing produce
  • What is inflammation and anti-inflammatory diet
  • Simple self-care technique that will get your lymph moving
  • Behind the scenes of sugar addiction
  • All about sunshine
  • What is the one ingredient in the green juice that makes all the difference

Your meat plans is super easy! No meat, unless you really feel like it, no grains, no dairy. Unlimited veggies with a delicious twist. Nourishing and fulfilling. You will not be hungry, I promise.

You can juice ahead of time if you have a slow, masticating juicer and take it to work. Just fill out the bottle to the top, add a tablespoon of raw honey, and your juice will last up to 72 hours with enzymes intact. You can keep the inexpensive Nutri Bullet, pack your fruits and veggies in bags and go to work equipped in pure energy! All you need to do is press start, while others are starving and falling asleep at their desks.

You can prepare double portion of the yummy salad. Eat one for dinner and take the other one for lunch, keeping the dressing aside. How cool and easy?!

And the best part? You know exactly what’s in it, because you buy everything fresh and you prepare the mouth watering, extra virgin oil based dressings. No cheap imitations, no soybean oil, no gluten, no MSG, no beaver’s butt (yeah, that’s your strawberry flavor), no unknown.

You get to sweeten and salt your own food with raw, unheated honey (I love Honey Pacifica, or use your local) or sea salt, maybe Himalayan salt, not the fake $.49 cent stuff that dehydrates your body and damages the cells.

And yes, I let you have organic, Fair Trade, dark chocolate to balance out your hormones. Pick the best, with cacao nibs or goji berries, maybe acai?

Get Back on Track lets you think about the nutritional aspect of your life, which is the most important aspect, wouldn’t you say? Life must taste good and be easy! And it can be!

So what are you waiting for? Get your Back on Track now!