Business coaching focuses on speeding-up the process of becoming and running a successful coaching practice. It is for those who are ready to gain clarity, brainstorm ideas, set business goals and take specific action steps meant to move you forward.

Joanna’s global students and health coaches, NYC

Whether you are a start-up, tried for years and don’t see results I can help you gain clarity or get your business off the ground.

I start with a conversation around where you are, what have you done, what worked, what didn’t and where do you see yourself in the ideal future and follow with an evaluation your mindset and your skill set.

I often see the need to work on you first, before creating the business. You cannot change anything in life unless you change your mindset and skill set. If you haven’t been successful in life, if you cannot hold on to money, if you cannot let go of the past, if you want to help others but haven’t fully recovered and are there just to listen, you will not achieve the success you could if you changed the way you think, feel, speak and do life.
I work closely with you on as needed basis, guiding you thoroughly. It is your personality and your excitement and belief it works that determines your rate of success. We want to make sure it matches your offer with confidence.
My focus is on getting your voice out, on helping you create an authentic content and experience that reflects you, supporting you with coaching methodology based on my decade long experience of working with people and health coaches. 
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