Transformational Weight Loss

Transformational Weight Loss Preparation Course is a three part program designed to deliver mindful, spiritual and practical tools for weight loss  preparation and overall well being in an interactive and personalized way. The goal of the program is to give participants a deep understanding of determinants needed to create successful inner environment for achievement of wellbeing.

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Vancouver Mastermind

Over the years we have coached hundreds of people from all walks of life and from all over the globe. We’ve been asked more and more to offer private masterminds to speed up the growth or the healing by focusing on a specific area of life.

We bring balance to people’s lives. We bring in joy, logic, inspiration and action. We use psychotherapy, mindwork, intuition and subtle as well as solid methods designed to move you forward!

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Private Mentorship

Private mentorship focuses on a specific area of client’s life that seeks resolution. In our practice we deal daily with burning life issues consisting of divorce, unhappiness, unfulfillment, physical illness, not being enough, victimhood, regret, anger, blame and shame. Resolving the block that often took decades to form can result in living the rest of the life fully, in love and harmony.

Your privacy is important to us, all our work is confidential.

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Wellness business mentorship

Business coaching focuses on speeding-up the process of becoming and running a successful coaching practice. It is for those who are ready to gain clarity, brainstorm ideas, tap into our collective experience, set business goals and take specific action steps meant to move you forward.

We help you create a business plan accordingly, so you utilize your talents fully, delegating what it is you do not know how or like to our team.

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