What exactly is liver and gallbladder flush?

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It is a fairly simple procedure of flushing out toxins from your liver and gallbladder. The toxins come from food, skincare and environment. When the liver works overtime all the time, it’s ability to filter-out those toxins becomes compromised. The stones start forming, clogging out both organs and eventually suppressing the immunity of the entire body. 

Healthy, clean liver means healthy life. When liver fails, we fail.

If you had your gallbladder removed, you were probably shown the stones. If you knew you could get them out through the simple flush, you would still have your gallbladder, which produces bile, necessary for absorption of fats. When removing your gallbladder you are compromising your digestive health for the rest of your life.  If you can’t digest fats, your brain can become foggy, your nervous system gets damaged, and your skin becomes rough and scaly. The fat that is not digested starts causing your liver to be overworked, and clogged which can lead to more serious conditions from cirrhosis of the liver to cancer.

Most people have the liver and gallbladder stones and don’t know about it. They are almost always a result of poor nutrition. If you consume a lot of meat and dairy, unhealthy, hydrogenated fats, highly- acidic foods, sodas, white flour, sugar and or you experience the following, you most likely do:

o Pain underneath the right rib cage – especially after eating a high fat meal
o Pain in your right shoulder blade and back
o Headaches
o Diarrhea or constipation
o Light colored stools
o Fever
o Heartburn like feeling
o Yellow skin
o Vomiting
o Weight gain – especially around your mid-section
o Dark shadows under the eyes
o Hair loss

o Coated tongue  

In the emergency situations you do what you need to do to save a life. But what I try to teach you is to prevent those emergency situations. I don’t believe that there are unimportant organs in our body. We are perfect creations. Everything has it’s predetermined role and it is best to keep all the organs you were born with and take a good care of them.

Cholecystectomy-removal of the gallbladder-is one of the most commonly performed procedures in the United States. We are talking about roughly 18 million people that are affected, that loose their gallbladder unnecessarily!

Here is what Mike Adams from Natural News has to say about the removal of gallbladder: ” Without a gall bladder, you’re not going to be able to digest dietary fats with any degree of efficiency. This means that if you don’t take bile salts as a nutritional supplement every time you eat healthy fats, you’ll miss out on all-important omega-3 fatty acids and other healthy oils. That’s why people who have had gall bladder removal surgery usually suffer the classic signs of EFA deficiencies: poor nervous system function, irritability, learning difficulties, heart disease, poor blood sugar control, and so on. 

Doctors and surgeons flat out aren’t telling patients this all-important information. It’s downright criminal, if you ask me. This basic education should be required by law. It’s flat-out evil to remove an essential organ from a patient’s body and neglect to tell them about the long-term adjustments they need to make in order to compensate for that missing organ.

And you know why surgeons don’t tell people the truth about gall bladder removal surgery? I suspect it’s because if people knew the horrifying nutritional consequences of the procedure, they’d refuse to do it, and surgeons and hospitals would lose out on those paying customers. Talking to a gall bladder surgeon about your gall bladder health is sort of like taking your car to a greasy garage mechanic and asking, “Is there anything wrong with the transmission?” The answer you get is designed to pad his pockets. If you want honest answers on gall bladder pain, go visit a naturopath.” 

If you already suffer from pain, try drinking 10 glasses of freshly squeezed apple juice in a day. I prefer fresh, but if you can’t, drink the organic apple cider. It is the malic acid that softens the stones, lessening the pain. You will still need to get the stones out, but at least you will have a bigger control over the pain. Also make sure to drink lemon water ( a big part of my detox) every morning which not only alkalizes the body but helps to digest the fats.

Diabetic? No worries, I have a solution for you too.

When you flush following exactly the protocol, the stones will come out through your rectum. If you follow the procedure correctly, your bile ducts will be large open, the liver will be relaxed and the passage will be smooth and painless, even if the stone is over 1 inch in diameter.

I am here to guide you and this flush is optional, but highly recommended. I give you the protocol, you read it carefully and proceed with it after the general Spring detox, when you’ve already allowed your liver to relax. Just remember, no flush can happen without an enema or better yet colon hydrotherapy. It is an absolute must! You don’t want the stones to get stuck on their way out.

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