Spring Detox is finally here!

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veggies Clean the houses, clean the cars, clean the closets, clean YOURSELVES!

Are you ready to shed your winter weight & boost your stamina?

Tired of struggling with cravings but love to eat delicious food?

Are you aware of your toxic load? Do you need to decrease inflammation and increase energy?

Want to experience the lightness of being you hear me talk about all the time? If you answered “YES!” to any of those questions, you won’t want to miss this unique opportunity to REJUVENATE yourself for SPRING. Time to get clean from INSIDE! Don’t worry, I’ll hold your hand, there is nothing to be afraid of, I promise! Your body may be carrying around 5 to 10 pounds of toxic waste, which slows down your ability to lose weight & that means SLOW metabolism!


A detox is a must seasonal routine for all adults and teens. It allows the body to concentrate on healing itself instead of constantly digesting foods and snacks, chemical, preservatives (both from food and cosmetic usage). Take your liver for example, a gatekeeper for your entire system, filtering all toxins and foreign substances from the bloodstream, breaking them down, and excreting them. Some of the toxic substances are produced right within your body! These include excess hormones and neurotransmitters. Other substances come from your environment ~ what you eat, what you breathe and even what you put on your skin. Your liver is working overtime, all the time to keep your body healthy. And when it isn’t liver congestion is often to blame. Here are some of the most important functions of the liver: filtrates the blood from any toxicity stores excessive glucose molecules (glycogen) for future energy use converts the glycogen back into glucose when needed for energy converts amino acids and other byproducts of protein breakdown (which occurs in the small intestine) into enzymes, which transform any of the toxic byproducts of the protein breakdown preparing them for elimination through the kidneys excretes bile, which is then stored in your gallbladder and is responsible for dietary fat breakdown manages fat levels in the blood all day long and processes dietary cholesterol and triglycerides for delivery to the cells it’s involved in hormonal regulation, breaking down and discarding excess circulating hormones Natural detoxification and digestion are only some of the jobs of this multitasking organ!

Now, we know that if we don’t change the oil in our car, the car will one day give-up on us. Why do we think our body never will? We don’t change the oil when we are down to one drop; we do it way in advance, afraid of being stuck on the road. Why aren’t we afraid of being sick?

I teach prevention and art of listening to your own body. We do come with the “owner’s manual” and we owe it to ourselves to take care of our body, the house of our soul. Seasonal detox is the first step to our well being. When you slow down on heavy foods: meats, caffeine, cheeses, processed products, when we hydrate the body, provide nutrients, starve the yeast, eliminate and cleanse the colon we will then create proper grounds for a fresh start! You will crave eating cleaner, simpler foods because you will FEEL BETTER. With better elimination, you will LOOK BETTER. And when you discover any foods that sabotage your health, you will be HEALTHIER, more ENERGIZED, more SENSUAL and more ALIGNED. There is nothing worse than being out of balance. Our skin and moods are the first ones affected, followed by inflammation, tiredness, sickness. There are few words that are music to my ears – beauty, glow, health, inspiration and PREVENTION. Be proactive, do something good for yourself, sign-up today!

Here’s what I’ve put together for you:

A Welcome Letter and instructions

The Spring Forward Detox Guide

The Spring Forward Recipe Guide

The Spring Transition Recipe Packet Post Detox aka Life After Detox Handouts

Eating Out 101

Low Glycemic Eating

Optional liver and gallbladder flush instructions for delivering stones

Optional GI detox herbal supplements

Access to recording teaching you about the importance of cleansing during season change and systems of elimination and detoxification.

Now for the tough part; here is what you will be eliminating for those 14 days:

Sugar Coffee Meat (only moderate amount recommended)


Abundant amount of meals and snacks

Here is what you will be enjoying: Fresh vegetable juices


Light vegetarian meals, with an option to add a protein

Daily cleansing routines (good for the beautiful you!)

Earlier bed time Earlier dinners

Enemas (don’t be afraid, it’s all good)

Castor oil packs

My support

When you have completed the Spring Forward Detox, life will never be the same cause you will have:

Shiny Hair + Glowing Skin Reduced cravings

More Energy

No mood swings

Let go of old patterns

Cleansed all the unwanted toxins

Reset your metabolism

Lost unwanted winter weight

YOU WILL be glowing! (I love that word!), and you will be ready to introduce permanent lifestyle changes (it takes more than 14 days). I invite you to make it a Family affair. So many times women, who are the pioneers of health and change, go forward leaving their husbands behind. What if you could do it together? What if you could all eat lighter for 14 days and give your liver a chance to do its job – cleanse? What if you would both feel more desirable and refreshed? Wouldn’t that bring more romance, flirt and feeling of being wanted and loved? Wouldn’t that be simply LOVE-LY…? What are you waiting for? Sign-up today! Please note, the basic juicer and blender are required for this program. Unless you are a pro, you do not need to invest in expensive machines.

With detox hugs,


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