Well, pretty much everyone in my healthy circles and it seems to be a common knowledge just about everywhere outside of it. So why on Earth do we indulge in it so much? As in tens of pounds per person per year? Just look at the government stats below. Sure, there is nothing wrong with a potato, but problems begin when it is a processed potato. Just like grape that becomes Walmart wine, or coffee bean that becomes Starbuck’s Frappuccino…

Food consumption chart

The problem is with over consumption. The problem isn’t the taste, because as we all agree, including the Copenhagen seagulls that visited our table at Tivoli Garden this summer, the French Fries are delicious, crunchy, salty, sweet and when paired with ketchup offer the taste balance we are all looking for. Sweet, sour, salty. That is half of the tastes we need to satisfy daily according to Ayurvedic teachings, leaving aside pungent, bitter and astringent.

During my recent and brief stay in Warsaw, we indulged in Belgium fries almost every other evening. Why on Earth would I, a health oriented individual admit to such crime?

Here is my take on it, and I will leave you to digest it by yourself.

The place “downstairs” as we called it, was a gathering place. We walked home and the smell of freshly prepared Belgium Fries (they are famous for their consumption of beer and fries and top American consumption three fold!!!) tickled our senses. They were made to order with a variety of delicious sauces. People lined up by the small street window and engaged in conversations while waiting. The tables were set-up outside inviting passersby to sit down, pause and awaken their senses, watch other humans, laugh, vent, hold hands, relieve stress, or create lifetime memories, like my kids. Well in their eighties they will still remember the taste and smell of this forbidden food as well as our walk, grandma sitting gently on the edge of the plastic create, neighbors waving hello, friends coming over after work to sit down with us for a moment before returning back to their own families.

With my BBF, artist and illustrator of my children’s book Stripes, Aleksandra Matuszyn-Suh

Yes, we all know about unhealthy oil and what happens to the potato when you heat it up to high temperature. The same way we know all about the dark side of coffee, the bread, the pasta, the wine, the tea, the protein and starch combination, the ice cream, the cake, the meat, the GMO vegetables. Did I leave anything out?

The moral of my story is not to allow yourself to go to extremes or you will get sick, really sick. We are after all unlimited, curious beings having a human experience that involves OCCASIONAL, pleasant indulgence. Is a glass of wine in great company next to a great gourmet dish versus a bottle of wine drank in solitude while mindlessly watching TV producing the same results?

My answer is no. Acidic drip coffee drank to awaken, versus coffee drank for it’s delicious aroma, from Fair Trade conglomerates, sipped while enjoying a beautiful and peaceful morning filled with gratitude and joy of being alive are two different experiences for the body and the mind.

Here is my last thought inspired by a famous IIN teacher. Be “bad” once in a while, or as Pierre Ducan said, “Don’t forget about pleasure!” If you choose to eat fries, have the best fries ever and send good vibrations throughout your body. We are vibrational beings. If our vibes are filled with guilt, that food will definitely act as poison, more than we know it is. If our vibes are filled with joy, we will have a beautiful life.

And oh, the very last thing. Know your intolerances, know your conditions, know yourself. Skip those fries if you have diabetes or heart condition or if you battle weight issues. Those vibes will not help you. Good self care will. Get in balance first, then live fully, conscientiously and with pleasure in good company.

Wishing you health, wealth, beauty and a beautiful life!

Your Family Health Coach Throughout all Your Life Stages