“Is it just us mom? Doesn’t anyone else feel bad after eating bad foods? How can my friends go out to Taco Bell and McDonalds, drink two Monster energy drinks and sodas and not feel bad while if we had any of that we’d be in pain and bloated for weeks with depression like symptoms and lack of desire for living. How is it mom?”

Believe me, I did ask the same questions years ago. I wanted to live a “normal” life, no more transformations. I was brought-up on bread and butter (the Polish bread, always fresh,dense and crusty served witch chunks of cold butter…) and traditional Polish cuisine laden with wheat, rye, barley and all forms of dairy. I was an on and off vegetarian. I married an Egyptian and introduced a Middle Eastern accent to our daily cooking. Kids brought in American ideas, and we just lived in this fusion of tastes without giving it much thought.

But then it happened. My son and I experienced deep stress which ripped our intestines apart allowing for large molecules of hard to digest foods to leak into bloodstream creating leaky gut and food intolerances.

We all started to eat different foods paying attention to every bite while others can eat just about anything and feel great.

Do they though? – I asked my 19 year old son going back to his question. Do they really feel that great? Do you have conversations around bloat, pain, constipation and diarrhea with your friends? Do they tell you they have trouble falling asleep? Do they share how they feel looking in the mirror and seeing acne loaded reflections? Do they tell you how hard it is for them to concentrate?

Once I started asking these questions, he agreed that no one would share this in a casual conversation, but then he sees how symptoms are simply being ignored and that many of those Happy-go-Lucky guys are just a ticking bomb.

See, when you are younger, your body produces digestive enzymes that can deal with an overload for a while. As you get older that production diminishes, it gets harder and harder to digest and assimilate foods. You must constantly supply raw vegetables to help your body with enzymatic digestion.

Those who skip this process and indulge in all cooked, processed, nutrient depleted, sugar laden diet are just a ticking bomb.

There is another thing we must take into account, and that is genetic predisposition. Some, like me and my son, despite home made meals and seemingly great eating habits experienced a health collapse. Yes, we were genetically predisposed, but lived happily until stress pulled the trigger and exposed the silent genes.

Young people need to know that.

Before they know it they are in their twenties and not well. The cumulative effect of poor choices, the high school and college cafeteria, the stress of finding a job suddenly results in not feeling that great at first, followed by a cascade of health issues, especially autoimmune, which women are the highest carrier of.

I am here for you through my private coaching or online programs.

Wishing you health, wealth and beauty!

Joanna Puciata
Your Family Health Coach Throughout all Your Life Stages

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