Joanna Puciata

Ever feel like you need someone to pick you up and tell you which way to go?

I certainly do and I have my own personal team of pick-me-uppers, from my best friend, to my best friend health coach, to my business mentor, to my mom.

We all need someone if not an entire crew of helpers in our lives and I am no different.

That’s what makes me human, thank God!

Nobody has ever made it alone, not me, not you, not Henry Ford nor Albert Einstein…

I was thinking about how can I make it even easier for you to pick yourself-up, shake yourself off and start all over again,and here is what I came-up with.

Back on Track in 12 Days, a wonderful, easy to follow program with a 45 minute private, Skype or phone session on sale through
the entire March for $150!

What you get is education on:

Meal Planning made easy
Shopping List do’s
Importance of Journaling
Goal Setting – if it’s not scheduled it doesn’t exist
Visualization – first you need to envision it so it can become physical
Healthy Grocery Shopping
Lemon Water – why you need it
Lessons in inflammation
Exercise – I know, I know..
Dry Brushing – whaat? I shower daily, why should I?
Sunshine / Juicing vs Blending
Sugar – not so sweet truths
Most importantly you get an eye opening, tailored to your
needs health coaching session with me.

I love virtual programs, but without accountability, without
someone holding your hand, it’s tough to implement.
And that’s why you got me.

I get these emails daily, check it out for yourself, take
advantage of me. It took me 4 years to learn what I know
today, 4 years of constant learning and applying and then
learning how to teach you with ease. Sometimes I feel I
needed a degree in psychology, because it’s one thing to learn
something, but it’s what to do with that knowledge gives people
most trouble and they come-up with most obstacles that I as
a coach help to overcome. Ahh, human nature…(including my own,
but hey, I have a whole team by my side!)

“It was such a delight to talk to you yesterday. It was very thought
provoking and so positive. You are full of ideas and knowledge
and thank you so much for your understanding. I have read your
suggestions, thank you so much for taking the time to write them
down, now to put them into practice, that will take some time, but
I know that they will make a huge difference in how I heal and feel.
I love life and want to live it in abundance :). I look forward to
another session!”

– Giannina, Switzerland

“It was awesome having you as my coach. If I had to do it all
over again I would choose you!!! Thank you for being such
a great mentor!

– Nadine, Trinidad and Tobago

“I cannot believe I waited for two years to sign-up for your coaching!
I feel like I wasted my life! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

– Patty, NY
Don’t wait, grab your copy, grab your spot, let’s talk.
No coupon required, sale price good through the end of March!

Wishing you health, wealth and beauty!


Your Family Health Coach Throughout all Your Life Stages