10 things John Assaraf
I am very, very privileged to be part of John Assaraf group. We talk brain work, goal setting, visualizations and obstacles. Yesterday he posted this list which I am sharing with you along with my note of what touched me deeply. Hope you too can learn, as even though I specialize in gluten sensitivities, what I talk to with my clients and students has often not much to do with food.

Life is about creating magical moments, but if you read Untathered Soul, you will understand must not cling to them. You really should just bathe in that magic and let it go smiling, or else you will get stuck in the past. I bet you many of you live like that, stuck in that moment that’s long gone, unable to create another magic. Because it’s not the same without THAT man or woman, or it’s really NOT like Tuscany, or it doesn’t TASTE near as good at Napa Valley.

Whether it’s magnificent or horrible, it becomes a ghost of memory, that has the ability to hunt you and paralyze you (YOU can also make a decision to let it advance you).

I think I finally understood the meaning behind Don Ruiz’s pilar of detachment. Good or bad, be grateful and let go, or you block the energy and no matter how much brain work you do, it will collapse on that first glimpse of your deeply stored molecule of emotion waiting to become an atom, waiting to become a force able to destroy.

When I came to America alone at 19, for the next 15 years I was stuck in the love, magic and beauty of my home. I could not comprehend why I left it. It destroyed my first marriage, it never allowed me to appreciate America’s beauty, it stopped me from even seeing it, as at any spare moment I would go home. I gave you an example of magic turned hunting ghost of memory. Instead of recreating it, I got stuck in it. I was rich in love, I was an aristocrat, I was raised in a certain manner I had no use to here, I was safe, my room had XVII Century paintings, not Ikea furniture, I never lacked, I was, I was, I was…
Every moment now is an epithany and a desire to create magic and let go, because I am busy making another magic… And today, 28 years later, I am a compilation of those magical moments and I light up others. Now that’s magic John Assaraf is talking about! Create it wisely!