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I was shopping at Costco yesterday (yeah, I like Costco), and noticed again, and again how people look at me with curiosity. There is something in the I look I can’t quite grasp, but it’s a mix of pleasure and gentle surprise. What can be so interesting in a woman pushing a cart with two kids?

Then I remembered the days when I had Heal ‘ N Glow skin care and had to get up at 4 am to go to the market every Saturday, setting up heavy tent in the darkness of the dawn, the booth, the fragile cosmetics, fighting with cold and wind, sipping hot tea from the thermos. By the end of the day, I’d have mystical people, fellow vendors (bare in mind, this was an antique market, not a funky, modern health care with people eager to buy $40 fresh, refrigerated creams) come up to me and say: “You are beautiful! You always smile!”.

When was I smiling? Submerged in Dr. Wayne Dyer Wishes Fulfilled when traffic slowed down? While holding onto rails of the tent when the wind would get too strong? While talking to people? While bundled up against morning cold?

I was and I am living my dream, and that’s what people admire. Yes I smile, and I always have shine and glitter on. Yes they say I am attractive, but it is my passion that shines through, my desire, my drive which I still cannot fully define, other than to make women feel beautiful and settled in their emotions.

Do you hear me? Look deep inside you, and bring forth the light that’s inside you. Sprinkle it with glitter and shimmer, or reverse the order, sprinkle first and then through self love bring in the inner light. Whatever you need, bring it on now, don’t waste any time!

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