Did you know…
31.3% of children aged 10-17 are overweight or obese!
One out of every 3 children born after year 2000 will develop diabetes!
For the first time ever, parents are expected to live longer than their children!
Source: Diabetes.webmd.com , Childhealthdata.org

So how do you raise healthy kids? Is there a way?
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Having kids ourselves and facing the same obstacles as you do, my dear friend and fellow coach, founder of Nutritious Mom and Nutritious Mom Healthy Bites, Burcu (BB) Beba and I have gathered our best tips drawing from our own lives and rasing our own kids (5 total) and are now eager to share them with you.

The statistics are again alarming and we simply refuse to be part of them. While it is easy to do things right from the moment the child is born, it is so much harder to introduce the changes later on, when they are older and have formed their own habits and tastes often dictated by mineral deficiency, like zinc, which can make the food taste terrible and appalling, Candida overgrowth, which will create a desire for sweets, high sodium intake from processed foods leading to more sugar cravings and unstable moods due to mineral depeletion etc.

But that doesn’t mean we should let our children be and allow them to make further poor choices.

We shouldn’t!

With food sensitivities on the rise, mood disorders, depression, ADD and more, we should do what we can to educate both ourselves and our children, and husbands. Sadly, many times the husbands themselves are resistant to healthier options. We have seen it and experienced it way too often. But all we need to do is educate them too.

It is usually the woman that’s in charge of the food served. We would like to urge you to take this responsibility seriously and are trusting that this book will give you all the understanding you need to implement the change.

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