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Joanna at IIN

I was born and raised in Warsaw, Poland with resources limited due to the political system at the time. Our thinking and actions were influenced by our ancestor’s knowledge. For aches and pains there were herbal teas, for acne: oatmeal masks and sulfur soaps; for sadness: comfort food, hot tea and a good company; for illness: mountain spas with mineral waters to bathe in and drink, massage and mud therapies, inhalations, sulfur rich pools, water exercise, hydrotherapy and many more. Obesity as we know it today didn’t exist in my times. We were a moving, walking nation and had no access to fast foods, only homemade meals, even at schools or summer camps. The only fast food available during my childhood was a chain of government subsidized food bars, serving traditional Polish food, cooked from scratch and heated on the stove.

During my childhood, doctors were exercising caution while administering antibiotics, yet I still got plenty of those for my constant ear and lungs infections. I was what they called a “weak” child, of thin composure. I could never gain weight, no matter how much I ate.

When I came to America in 1986 at the age of 19, it is when I first saw a microwave and McDonalds, tasted my first subway sandwich loaded with a month worth of meat and saw that people didn’t cook daily. I definitely got a very high dose of cultural shock.

For the most part I continued living in the way I was raised, eating homemade meals, shopping for fresh and good quality foods, making my own beauty concoctions, walking, biking and working-out.

In the year 2000 I got divorced and I was constantly sick, in and out of doctor’s office with a new prescription for antibiotics. After a year of zapping my immune system with more and more medication, my mom finally put a stop to this misery and brought me “home” to do it her way through massage therapy, salt chambers, homeopathic treatment, vitamin treatment, bio-resonance and love. I started to heal!

In 2004 I came across a book by Kevin Trudeau, “The natural cures they don’t want you to know about” and I was hooked from the very first page. Seven years later I decided to become a health coach. I was taught by the best: dr. Andrew Weil, dr. Mark Hyman, dr. Barry Sears, dr. John Douillard, dr. Deepak Chopra, dr. Joel Fuhrman and so many more. Half way through my studies and after experiencing a very stressful event I realized I wasn’t living my best life. I was always tired and skinny. My voice was quiet, my hair and nails were thin. A Vata type…

But that wasn’t the real me, the one that was always on the go, with kids under both arms and head full of ideas and aspirations. I started to develop a strange looking rash on my legs or arms, or under the belly button. I’d also get bloated! Now that never happened to me! The gastroentologist said it was just the way my intestines were, since colonoscopy revealed nothing. I remembered a doctor telling me once I had a fatty liver, but still nothing made sense until the day I finally, through my training and my health coach support system, discovered the world of gluten sensitivities. Armed with the new knowledge and brand new perspectives I looked at the foods I was eating. By that time, one of my son’s started to get really sick too, to the point where he couldn’t continue high school. We both went gluten and dairy free at the same time.

That was in 2012.

Today I am the real me; vibrant, energetic and full of ideas that I eagerly realize. My skin is smooth, my hair finally grows strong and thick, my voice is loud enough for public presentations and I feel the best I’ve ever felt in my life! If I didn’t change the way I thought and nourished myself, I’d probably be dead by now from the silent, cumulative effect gluten and dairy had on me for 44 years of my life. Gluten took my own father’s life at the age of 46. He died of Multiple Sclerosis, which I now know was a consequence of gluten sensitivity or intolerance.

Today I am a Certified Gluten Practitioner and a coach for almost 100 IIN students. I have a growing private practice and support of dr. Robledo, whom I coach for part time. I am part of dr. Tom O’Bryan’s  practitioner’s circle, dedicated to raise awareness of gluten sensitivities. I speak gluten all the time in hopes that someone will hear me.  And they do, more and more so!

Today I say to all of you to look at the food you eat and thoughts you create. Don’t blame your physical condition on your age or circumstances and your mood on life. It is your birth right to be well, to have healthy thyroid, healthy gut, healthy muscle, healthy brain and great energy. We are designed to age perfectly, as we are perfect creations, but we need to know what serves us and what doesn’t.

We often think we do our best (my story is the perfect example of it), but that is often not what our bodies need. With 35-40% of the world population carrying the genes (DQ2 or DQ8) responsible for gluten related disorders, you really need to look into the gluten world if you are not feeling your best mentally and physically!

Feeling the gratitude for my own health, I would like to invite you to a FREE 30 minute consultationwith me this Tuesday and Thursday only, to assess where you at with your health. I can only conduct a limited amount of health histories in those two days, so please hurry, fill out the Health History Form right here and mark the time you are available to talk, as well as your phone number, then wait for the confirmation.

As always, wishing you health, wealth and beauty!

 Z Julkiem

Today, with my 4 children and feeling blessed!

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